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Cellulite in Washington, DC

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite, or dimpling of the skin surface due to underlying fat, can be a significant concern for many patients. Cellulite is not caused specifically by the presence of fat, but the fibrous septae that run within fat, providing structure to areas of fat and helping to anchor more superficial areas of fat and the skin to deeper structures as a type of scaffolding. These thick fibrous septae within fat have little ability to stretch the way our skin does. Small increases in the subcutaneous fat content in a certain area can lead to increased tension on these septae, which, due to their attachment to the dermis underlying our skin, causes various amounts of dimpling due to the inward pull on the skin overlying these areas of fat.

Who Is Affected by Cellulite?

Generally, women are affected by cellulite to a greater extent than men. This is believed to be due to different fat distribution patterns of the female body due to female hormones. There may be a genetic component to cellulite, however this is not fully understood at this point. Generally, women first notice cellulite in their twenties to thirties, when shifts in fat distribution occur, resulting in an increase in fat in the buttocks area.

What Can Be Done to Reduce the Appearance Of Cellulite?

As one of the most common cosmetic problems reported by women, there has been much attention dedicated to this condition over the years, resulting in the development of many ‘treatments’, some effective, some not-so-effective, for cellulite. What is known is that due to the deep subcutaneous (below-the-skin) causes of cellulite, no cream or other topical agent will have any effect on the reduction of cellulite.

Over the years, mechanical therapies have been developed, which attempt to use mechanical massage with or without suction to both stretch the fibrous septae and locally reduce the amount of fat around an area of cellulite to reduce the appearance of dimpling in localized areas. This procedure is moderately effective in reducing cellulite, however many treatments are required and results may be temporary.

Who Is A Good Candidate for Cellulite Reduction?

While cellulite can prove very difficult to treat and has a high recurrence rate, we have had success with our treatments for the reduction of the appearance of localized cellulite. Highly localized areas of cellulite are more responsive to these treatments than widely distributed cellulite.

If you would like more information on cellulite reduction treatments or to find out if you are a good candidate for cellulite reduction please contact us or call 202-966-8814 to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

This condition is treated using:

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