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Skin Rejuvenation in Washington, DC

With over 20 proven energy based devices at our disposal the Center for Laser Surgery offers the most comprehensive skin rejuvenation capabilities in the Washington, DC Region. Offering a range of treatments from chemical peels and microneedling all the way through to aggressive skin resurfacing with Fractional CO2 lasers, the Center is able to offer effective skin rejuvenation treatment plans to fit any patients schedule.

What is Skin Rejuvenation?

While the intrinsic and extrinsic aging of skin has been studied for over a century, over the past . Injectables, lasers, and advanced skin care products have been developed which, in properly trained and experienced hands, can safely and effectively reverse some of the signs and symptoms of skin aging. Simultaneous with the expansion of these cosmetic treatments has been a steady dilution in the qualifications of those offering them. What started as a specialized practice influenced and developed by Dermatologists with specialized knowledge and experience in cosmetic treatments and the science behind them has devolved into an unregulated ocean of cosmetic ‘providers’, most of whom have no specialized training in dermatology or cosmetic medicine and whose most vaunted qualification is often the number of instagram followers they are able to attract.

As a leading research and development center for both laser and injectable treatments, owned and directed by a Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Dermatologist, we pride ourselves in sharing our combined 50 years of cosmetic dermatology experience with our patients. Through the use of clinically proven devices, treatments, and techniques, we are able to offer the most comprehensive, reproducible, and safe skin rejuvenation treatments available today.

How Do I Get Started With Skin Rejuvenation?

With so many treatments available it can make your head spin, trust the experts, that’s what we are here for! During an initial visit and cosmetic consultation we will examine your skin, discuss any specific concerns, and develop a treatment plan to rejuvenate multiple facets of skin including pigmentation, texture, wrinkles, or laxity.

If you would like to schedule a skin rejuvenation consultation, please call 202-966-8814 or contact us via email

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