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Lip Fillers in Washington, DC

Lip enhancement and augmentation using fillers remains one of our most popular procedures. Whether adding or restoring volume to lips, improving lip proportions, shaping lips, or enhancing lip borders, the use of fillers for lip enhancement remains of the most artistic and challenging uses of fillers in the face. Both subtle or substantial improvements in lip size and/or shape can be performed during a single treatment session or over multiple treatment sessions. The master injectors at the Center for Laser Surgery have extensive experience in the various filler injection techniques used for lip enhancement, utilizing both cannula based as well as traditional needle based injection methods.

What are the various goals of lip filler treatment? 

  • Lip Size/Volume Augmentation – younger patients with naturally small lips, or older patients who have suffered a loss of lip volume, can enhance size and/or restore lip volume through lip filler procedures
  • Lip Proportion Improvement – accepted natural lip proportions are 1/3 upper lip and 2/3 lower lip by volume. Mismatched lip proportions, either through natural means or improper filler treatment can be corrected
  • Shaping Lips – over time and with volume loss of both the lips and the corners of the mouth the natural shape of the lips can change, often resulting in flatter lips with extended lip lines onto the cheeks, both of which can be corrected with lip filler treatments. Cheilitis, which is inflammation of the skin at the corners of the mouth due to extended lip lines, can also be improved with filler treatments
  • Lip Border Enhancement – as we age our lip border becomes less defined. Careful filler injection to the border of the lip can restore the natural lip line to a more youthful appearance. Fillers can also be used to accentuate ‘cupid’s bow’, or the small double curve in the middle of the upper lip

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