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Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) in Washington, DC

This is a very common and misunderstood disease. It has been called “the itch that scratches”. In simple terms, it is hyperreactivity of the skin’s very own immune system to both exogenous and endogenous allergens, leading to itchy, dry, irritated skin on affected areas. Over the past decade, our understanding of the pathogenesis of eczema has increased dramatically, and with our increased understanding of the causes of eczema, many new medications have been developed to treat this disease. While infants and young children represent the majority of those affected by eczema, adults frequently suffer from occasional or persistent outbreaks of eczema, leading to impairment of activity and quality of life. The goal of eczema treatment is to control and reduce the symptoms of an outbreak through judicious topical and/or oral medications as well as a well-managed moisturization plan to reduce the necessity of prescription medications once eczema is under control

As a Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Adrian is able to effectively diagnose and treat eczema and atopic dermatitis. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Adrian please call 202-966-8814 or visit our scheduling page to schedule online.

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