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Sun Damage in Washington, DC

As we age, signs of damage to our skin such as sun damage become more visible and apparent. Over time sun damage can lead to brown spots, wrinkles, and growths that are in visible, cosmetically sensitive areas. The Center for Laser Surgery specializes in treating the cosmetic effects of sun damage with a wide variety of laser and cosmetic treatments that safely and effectively reverse the sun’s damaging effects.

What Are the Signs of Sun Damage?

One of the most common first signs of sun damage includes dark spots, also known as age spots or sun spots, on the face and hands. This often leads to uneven skin color and can be an aesthetic concern for many patients. Over time further sun damage can lead to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines at earlier ages. Some patients may also notice growths, such as dark or pink crusty patches of skin that refuse to heal, which could be a sign of pre-cancerous growths or skin cancer.

How Can I Treat Sun Damage?

Aesthetic concerns such as uneven skin coloration and dark spots can be treated with one of several skin rejuvenation techniques. Laser treatments have proven effective at diminishing the appearance of sunspots and helping to even out skin color. For fine lines and wrinkles as well as less drastic cases of age spots, chemical peels may be used to help restore the skin’s youthful appearance.

For medical concerns, such as the appearance of new moles or non-healing lesions, we recommend examination of the lesion as soon as possible to determine whether or not it is cancerous. Catching cancerous growths early significantly increases the success rates of treatments. Our dermatologists will evaluate any problem areas to determine whether or not they pose a medical threat, and suggest the best course of treatment whether for medical or aesthetic purposes.

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