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Kybella Fat Reduction in Washington, DC

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What is Kybella Lipodissolve?

Kybella is a purified injectable solution of sodium deoxycholate, and is an FDA approved injectable solution used for non-surgical reduction of regional fat deposits in the chin and neck. Kybella was specifically approved for treatment of submental fullness, commonly referred to as ‘jowls’ or ‘double chin’.

How does Kybella Lipodissolve work?

When injected into areas of fat, Sodium Deoxycholate, the active ingredient in Kybella, produces a destabilization of adipocyte (fat) cell membranes and eventual fat cell death. During this process the lipid contents of the fat cell are released and absorbed into the bloodstream and processed by the liver and other tissues, a somewhat similar process the occurs after eating a fatty meal or during extreme fasting. The reduction in overall fat cells in the treated area leads to a reduced fat burden in the area for a more sculpted and less saggy appearance of the under-chin area.

What is the Kybella Lipodissolve treatment process?

During a preliminary consultation, the area to be treated will be examined. An honest estimation of the degree of treatment response will be provided to the patient to give realistic expectations for post-procedure improvement. The procedure involves creating a grid pattern on the area to be treated, with small injections into the subcutaneous fat performed at each grid site ensuring even reduction of fat. The total treatment time is normally 5-10 minutes. Starting from a few days to several weeks after treatment the fat-reducing effects of the treatment are noticed, resulting in a more sculpted chin area and less prominent under-chin fat collection.

What are the side effects of Kybella Lipodissolve treatment?

Treatment is normally tolerated quite well, with the most common post-treatment side effects being mild numbness, bruising, and tenderness for 2-3 days after treatment. Patients are able to leave the office without a bandage and no recovery time is required after each treatment.

Is chin fat reduction with Kybella safe?

FDA trials for Kybella showed a very favorable safety profile when used for submental (chin) fat reduction, with minimal side effects from treatment and no reported adverse events. Note that these statistics are for treatments performed by highly trained & experienced cosmetic dermatology providers, not ‘med-spas’ and retail ‘cosmetic centers’.

Is Lipodissolve with Kybella new?

Yes and No. If one searches the internet for ‘Lipodissolve’ there are hundreds of articles about this procedure, which rapidly gained popularity from 2005-2009 for the treatment of both submental (chin) and abdominal fat reduction with a compounded injectable solution of Phosphatidylcholine and Sodium Deoxycholate (PC-DC). While this procedure was very effective, the solution used for the procedure was only obtainable from compounding pharmacies and was used off label for the procedure, as it was not FDA approved despite a highly favorable safety profile in small studies performed by physician investigators. Due to variability in both the PC-DC solution and a rapid rise in popularity of the procedure, there were many reports of adverse events, almost all of which occurred in retail ‘Lipodissolve’ centers and ‘med-spas’ looking to capitalize on the new procedure and which did not have the proper training, knowledge, or patient selection criteria in place. This eventually led to a FDA warning about the Lipodissolve procedure in 2010.

However, controlled research regarding the use of the PC-DC solution for fat reduction continued. It was later discovered that the active ‘fat-dissolving’ ingredient in the solution was Sodium Deoxycholate, and fat reduction was possibly inhibited by the Phosphatidylcholine ingredient. Kythera Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Kybella, developed a patented formulation of Sodium Deoxycholate which contains no animal-derived substances and is manufactured to the high purity standards required by the US FDA for injectable substances.

What is the Center for Laser Surgery’s experience with the Kybella Lipodissolve procedure?

The Center for Laser Surgery performed over 1000 Lipodissolve fat reduction treatments from 2006-2008. Utilizing strict treatment protocols and patient selection criteria, as well as extensive injector training, we did not experience a single adverse event during this period and our patients enjoyed truly magnificent results from their treatments. We, and many patients, were disappointed to have to discontinue offering this treatment for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraphs, however with the recent FDA approval we are pleased to again be able to offer this safe and effective procedure for localized non-surgical fat reduction.

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