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Mole Removal in Washington, DC

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While most nevi (moles) are benign they can be cosmetically bothersome to patients. Multiple options exist to remove unwanted moles, including shave removal, surgical excision, and for certain lesions, laser removal.

Elective Shave Removal & Surgical Excision of Benign Moles

Shave removal and surgical excision are the tried and true methods of removal for benign pigmented lesions.

Shave removal is best suited for lesions that are stick out from the skin as they can be shaved flat to reduce irritation, appearance, or both. Note that with shave removal the intent is to debulk or flatten the lesion and not necessarily remove it in its entirety. Due to this recurrence is posssible after shave removal. Scarring with this method is variable however well trained board certified dermatologists are experts in this technique and can minimize both scarring and the risk of recurrence.

Surgical excision involves cutting around and underneath an unwanted mole and suturing the resulting wound together. This is a more invasive technique which results in a variable line scar dependent on the size and location of the lesion removed.

As both techniques remove lesions intact tissue is sent to a pathologist for pathologic diagnosis. This is mandatory and incurs a separate pathology fee.

Laser Removal of Benign Moles

Lasers are particularly valuable in treating benign lesions in anatomic areas which are difficult to approach surgically such as the face, nose lips and ears. In addition, lasers are quite useful for removing multiple benign facial growths during a single treatment session. Please note, not all moles are suitable for laser removal.

Prior to removal, all lesions must be examined by a Board Certified Dermatologist during a medical office visit to determine that they are in fact benign and suitable for removal by any method. If you would like your lesions examined by Dr. Adrian the visit will be billed to your insurance as a medical visit. If you would like another dermatologist to examine your moles we require a letter indicating that the lesions in question were examined and deemed appropriate for surgical or laser removal.

Please note, elective cosmetic removal of moles is not covered by insurance and payment is collected at time of service. Costs range from approximately $250-$500 per mole depending on removal technique used.

Please call us at 202-966-8814 for more information or to schedule a mole evaluation and removal consultation with Dr. Adrian.

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